What You Can Do To Help/Where You Can Get Help

If you're wondering what you can do to help someone who has cancer, I have some ideas.
If you don't know anyone that needs help, but want to give to the cause, I have some ideas.
I will update this page as more ideas come to my attention.

Basic ideas:
  • Provide a meal and/or give a restaurant gift card
  • Give a gas gift card
  • Give grocery store gift cards
  • Provide housecleaning services
  • Provide babysitting services
  • Offer to drive to treatments (while you're there, take notes, get snacks, etc.)
  • See if your friend wants visitors; see if your friend needs someone to sit with them while their primary caregiver is away for a few hours 
  • Put together a bag full of things that will make life easier.  Click here and here for a list of suggested items.
Below is a list of organizations that do good things in the cancer community.  Some of them, you can apply for what they provide for your friend or yourself.  All of them, you can donate to.  Please, click on the links provided and check them out.
Metavivor advocates for Stage IV breast cancer patients.  100% of donated funds go to research.
The Underbelly is an online breast cancer magazine shining a realistic light on breast cancer.
Little Pink Houses of Hope provides weeklong beach retreat vacations to breast cancer patients and their families.  My family was able to attend one of these retreats.  It was simply amazing.  Everything is provided (lodging, meals, activities) except transportation to the retreat spot.  Read about my family's experience here:  Little Pink Houses of Hope Retreat.
Leslie's Week provides vacations for Stage IV breast cancer patients and their families.  I know someone who was the recipient of one of these vacations, and she tells me that it was an incredible experience.
Ally's Wish --  "...the sole purpose of Ally’s Wish is to provide a last “wish” to young, terminally ill mothers with small children. We hope to provide a memory for the family that will last a lifetime. Our goal is to do this by providing services, gifts, transportation, lodging, or any other “wish” the mother may have." Quote taken directly from their website.
Dream Foundation --
Wishgrants/Do it for the Love Foundation provides up to four concert tickets to people with life threatening illnesses, children with severe challenges, and wounded veterans.  From their website:  "Through the healing power of music, our goal is the inspire joy, hope and lasting celebratory memories in the face of severe illness and trauma."
Port Pillows are small pillows that fit around a seat belt (attached with Velcro) to help cushion, and provide a buffer between a medi-port and a seat belt.
The Red Devils' "...mission is to fund support services that improve the quality of life for breast cancer patients and their families."  Quote taken directly from their website.  One of the things they do, for instance, is to gift gas gift cards to patients to help with getting to treatment.
Bob's Boxes provides post mastectomy care packages to women with breast cancer.  In the boxes are comfy pajamas, slippers, a cookbook, and pillow, among other things.
Sisters of the Heart Breast Cancer Support Group is a support group local to me.  They provide support to breast cancer patients, as well as provide outreach to the community.
All Shades of Pink has a "...a mission to assist men and women diagnosed with breast cancer by addressing the emotional, physical and financial stresses they will encounter during their journey to survivorship—we are committed to taking the stress out of breast cancer."  One of the things these kind people do is to donate hand made blankets to newly diagnosed patients.
Nails & Faces of Joy Survive & Thrive Program is a local beauty salon offering free services to cancer patients.  One service per month per patient is offered.  Services donated to patients are manicure, pedicure, facial, hair cut/style, wig cut/style, light makeup with brow creation.  Click the link at the beginning of this paragraph to see more about this program and/or to donate to it.  Click here to see the salon's webpage.
Hearts United Against Cancer provides care packages to cancer patients, based on their interests.


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