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Terminal Musings -- Rallying Around the Dying

I got some devastating news yesterday.  My 92 year old aunt is in renal failure, and is refusing dialysis.  I'm told by my cousin who spoke with our aunt's nurses that "she knows this is the beginning of the end".  They say that it could be as little as a few weeks until her final days.

A little bit about Aunt Kathryn:  She is one of ten siblings, my father's sister.  She is a retired nurse, and nun.  She is currently residing in a convent for retired nuns.  She and I share a birthday.  She is loved by many.

Yesterday afternoon and evening was spent in a group chat with my cousins.  We have created a group calendar online on which we can all post.  We are filling in the days with the dates of our visits to our Aunt Kathryn, so that she will not be alone for the rest of her days.

This all brought to mind when my sister was in the hospital, and the doctors told us that there was nothing else they could do.  It was time to transfer her to a Hospice House.  I called …