Don't Blink

Well, I blinked.  Just like that, he's 21, and his life is flashing before my eyes.   

I remember so vividly the day we confirmed the pregnancy with the doctor.  I was able to get the latest appointment of the day, so neither me nor my husband would have to leave work early. We ended up sitting in that waiting room for three hours before being called back. The doctor has some emergencies to handle, and the waiting room was full. I distinctly remember a young woman, very pregnant, walking constantly around the waiting room, with bedroom slippers on her feet. She look incredibly uncomfortable. I kept hoping that she would be called back soon.

Yes, we could have rescheduled and come back another day, but we opted to sit it out and wait. Of course, the test came back positive, and we were over the moon happy. On the way home, I called my mom (because, you know, cell phones were a relatively new thing at that time) and he called his. The next day during lunchtime at work, I walke…

August 2 Follow Up with Pulmonologist

He reviewed the CT scan, and there are no new nodules.  As he went over it with me, he pointed out thatnot only does he see no new nodules, he sees no nodules at all.  That is huge for me because when I was diagnosed, there were seven nodules in my left lung.   [happy dance!]

In regards to the groundglass opacities n the right lung -- the scan report states "less conspicuous compared to prior" which simply means it's a bit smaller.  What he showed me on the images is that it's moved.  So, in his office visit summary, he says that there is migratory groundglass which means small areas of inflammation.  So, it's a "keep an eye on it" kind of thing.

Going forward, he simply wants me to follow up with my ENT as scheduled in October.  He also wants me to call  him after I have my next CT scan so he can review it with me over the phone.

On a side note, he was  nice enough to print out my echocardiogram for me.  My previous EF was 66-65.  On this echo, it'…

July 12 2018 appointments with ENT and Pulmonologist


To refresh your memory, months ago I saw a gastroenterologist because swallowing had started to become more difficult.  I had been able to swallow my pills with milk (milk is thicker than water).  After awhile that became difficult, so I started using applesauce.  It wasn't an urgent problem, but seemed to be getting worse over time, so I wanted to get it checked out before it did become unbearable. First, I had a swallow test done, which came out fine.  Then, I saw a gastroenterologist, who performed an EGD (I was sedated while she put a scope down my throat to take a look).  That, also, came out fine.  The gastroenterologist referred me to an ENT.

This past Thursday was my appontment with the ENT, at the Department of Otolaryngology at Georgetown.  After she and her PA sprayed an antihistime and a numbing agent into my nose, I sat for a few minutes while the numbing agent took effect.  Then, they inserted a tiny camera on the end of a long cord down my throat throu…

July 5 2018 Routine oncology appointment and treatment

Today's appointment was at 10:00am.  I like to allow two hours in case of traffic.  Thought today would be light traffic being the day after the holiday.  Woke up to the traffic report saying that there was an accident on my regular route, so taking an alternate route.  Usually when one way backs up, the other ways are heavy with traffic.  Turns out that my husband forgot his medication, so I made a slight detour to his workplace to drop off his meds.  Breezed right in to the hospital.  No traffic to speak of.  I was actually twenty minutes early.  The waiting room at the clinic, though, was crowded.  I settled in with my knitting for a long wait.  No coffee today, as my cardiologist had ordered fasting bloodwork, and I like to have the nurses in the infusion center take it after they access my port.  Less needle sticks that way. 

To my surprise, I was called back right away.  The appointment went well.  I brought up the option that she and I had discussed previously of taking a b…

June 28 and 29 2018 medical appointment updates

So, you saw my post about Wednesday's cardiology appointment. Since then, this:

Thursday morning I went to the dental school in Baltimore to pick up my temporary partial. I drove myself. Had to stop once to rest my eyes and stretch. Overall it was a great appointment, even though the student I was seeing graduated and will no longer be there. I stopped for a quick lunch on the way home, and another doctor's appointment. I need to see my gynecologist yearly not just for the regular reasons, but because with Tamoxifen I'm at risk for ovarian cancer.  Everything was fine at that appointment,  nothing to worry about.  Thursday was a full, long day.

Yesterday, I had a 1:30 appointment with my new dental team. I have a friend who is not a dental hygienist like I thought, but is a CDA (Certified Dental Assistant), who does so much more than a hygienist does. I had never thought to go to her dental office because it's in DC. Well, with my health issues, not being incredibly happ…