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Why I Gave Away My Yarn

It's a good thing. Really. 

I'd been thinking about it for awhile. In a few knitting facebook groups, people periodically post photos of their stashes (of yarn). Most of the comments on these photos are those of us with smaller stashes being envious. To have all of that yarn at your disposal, whenever a whim strikes -- wow. Sometimes it spurs a discussion -- to have a stash vs. buying for a specific project and actually using the yarn before buying more. I've always gone back and forth on this. Sometimes I would love a roomful of yarn. Sometimes I think, no matter how long I live, I would never use that much.

With my Stage IV cancer diagnosis, I realize that I am not my lifetime going to use up all of the yarn I had already accumulated. Not that I was buying yarn whilly-nilly. Each skein of yarn was intended for a specific project. Some of the yarn was for shawls I had printed out patterns for. Some of the yarn had actually started to become some of these shaw…