Feeling "Normal"

I feel the most "normal"/"relatively energetic"/"my best" in the mornings, after I finally climb out of bed and get moving a little.  This morning had me crying over cleaning the stovetop, because and it was a "normal" activity, and well, I was doing it!  Well, I also teared up while watching a scene in a Hallmark Movie Channel movie when the guy who spent the previous four years of his life thinking he ruined so many lives found out how many lives he touched, just by teaching a young girl to read (she in turn taught others, etc).  Both of these instances, I believe, are because one of the side effects of one of my medications, but I digress....  So, I get done what I can (I can unload and load the dishwasher, for instance, but I am no longer able to put the pots away in the drawer below the stove; I couldn't straighten up the last two times, so....) and I rest when I must.  The problem is, my mind doesn't seem to want to rest.  I'll have a separate blog post about relaxation techniques, and how to get the mind to rest.

Now I'm relaxing with a cup of Chocolate Raspberry Coffee in my pretty cup I bought in DisneyWorld lots of years ago, while gathering tax preparation paperwork.  I really need to use this set more often.  I also need to get back to DisneyWorld!  The coffee is  from Baltimore Coffee and Tea, if you're interested.  The Toasted Nut Fudge is pretty fabulous, too.  :)


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