On Obtaining a Wheelchair

You might remember about a month ago I mentioned on the facebook page about the possibility of obtaining a wheelchair.  I got the order from my doctor and took it to a place not so far away.  Good news.  A place only about thirty minutes away that sells what I need and takes my insurance.  They said it should take approximately two weeks.  Nice.  Nope.  The people working that day were very nice, don't get me wrong.  I've spoken to one of them on the phone about once a week since then.  You see, the owner has his own health issues, and, long story short, the order for my wheelchair is still on his desk.  So, this morning I started calling around again.  Sooooo frustrating.  I really wish the lists that the insurance companies provide would be narrowed down a bit.  I searched for durable medical equipment within twenty miles. Twenty four places came up.  I called all but four of them. Only two sell wheelchairs. They sell cpap machines, or orthopedic supplies, or provide hospital beds, or something else besides wheelchairs.  It's so very frustrating to have a health problem and have things related to it be so time consuming and so much tedious work.  (Don't get me started on keeping the bills and the appointments straight!)  Anyway, I called places on the list according to how far away they are. Today was Woodbridge. Twenty miles?  Maybe as the crow flies.  Anyway, the guy I spoke with was fabulous.  The rep that covers the DC area actually lives in my town. So, I don't have to go to Woodbridge!  He'll come here to take measurements to fit me for the chair, and he'll deliver it when it comes in.  How cool is that?!   I emailed the order over.   Next step is them sending paperwork to my doctor.  Once they have that, they'll send it all over to the insurance company where it will go under review.  The review board at the insurance company will decide if it's medically necessary.  All in all, I will hopefully have it in about a month (cross your fingers) and can get out of the house more.  So many places I don't go because I just don't have the energy to walk as much as it would require.  Just simple things like shopping.  Walking Benji around the neighborhood.  The County Fair in September (at the last event I attended at the fairgrounds, Jimmy had to ask for the golf cart to take me to the van, because my legs just would not go any farther).  Day trips with the boys.  The grocery store!  

Cross your fingers, everyone, and hope that the insurance company will approve it.  I'll keep you updated.


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